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In the face of it is getting more and more high informatization requirement, compared with the traditional information environment, now of the network information environment with openness, interactivity, equality and autonomy, etc. The user of IT information system integration technology demand is higher and higher, the integrated technology scope and depth has been more and more high. The diversity of characteristics for the users and the development of the information system application, demand for information system integration services is also becoming more detailed, more professional. Information system integration service is actually a fusion each system create a complete IT information system service platform. This kind of service can have comprehensive abilities and deepen the ability determines the final quality of the service.

Never loose Internet information integration service is based on the concept of information integration on the basis of information service. Current information users no longer satisfied with the general, a single service, and requirements through knowledge information resource sharing will be dispersed centralized organization of information, information of secondary development, and restructuring. In the distributed network environment, information service must be from the centralized service or dispersed to integration services. At the same time, never loose network information system integration services is not each subsystem or mechanical accumulation of each module, but the information content of the organic combination of the parts, this combination can achieve "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts". System information integration services mainly to complete the user from the ground up to the network platform construction, application service customization and a series of integrated network information system services. The main content as shown in the figure below:


1:The network foundation platform

2:The server system integration

3:Information security service

4:Storage and backup system integration

5:Database and application software system integration

6:Application software custom development and integration


Main features:

Information system integration service is the key to the overall design of information system and information system of the integrated parts work. In an information system integration service projects, the implementation process is as follows:

1. Project start-up phase, the main work are the handover of the project, according to the characteristics of project organization all kinds of necessary resources such as: personnel, equipment, financial and other aspects, and began to carry on the organic management.

2. Project planning phase, multiple systems involved in the user requirements demand investigation, and detailed and feasible design scheme and the project plan in detail.

3. The project execution/control stage, each subsystem of the installation and debugging work, as well as the overall system alignment.

4. Project acceptance testing phase, each subsystem of information system and the overall function, integrity test. And for the system acceptance.

5. Project operation maintenance phase, use of delivery information system for operational support services

Core values:

Bo hui network service, high quality information system integration for the user to create value in the following aspects:

1. According to the customer's demand to form a reasonable and effective integration design scheme, and successfully established in accordance with the customer together with our customers own characteristic information system platform.

2. Bo hui network rich experience can help users better find a higher price on the system overall design. Provide the information in the process of system integration services to help clients to find a cheaper, more suitable for customer's products or services. With permanent loose network abundant experience to avoid repeated investment and inefficient investment.

3. Bo hui network comprehensive and pertinence of the information system integration solutions, has a good guide to the user. In the process of communication with the user design, can help users more clearly their own needs and goals, enabling users to their own industry information system platform and direction of today's IT industry technology have a more clear understanding, to grasp their own information systems development plans.

4. Bo hui network to users have a long-term cooperation with the service customer service support system, for the construction of information system integration platform, never loose network will provide maintenance service for users. And will be relying on their own in the leading position of IT technology development, put forward the proposal for the user, the improvement of the platform for the user to upgrade continuously contribute their strength.

5. Bo hui network experienced technical management personnel, and to provide users with information system integration services at the same time, to help users to establish its own management system, such as the management and use of information system, safety management system, etc.