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FortiMail series is a mature, powerful information security platform, applies to organizations of any size, from small businesses to telecom operators, service providers and large enterprises. Design is dedicated to information transmission system FortiMail equipment set Fortinet security experience for many years, in the anti-spam, the threat of malware and other email transmitted defense of specialized equipment. FortiMail equipment can protect the security of the information transmission system to avoid to becoming a threat messaging system into information filtering engine software in network with the user in spam and grey before then to intercept it. Send information detection technology can be the protection from spam and gray software (including 3 g mobile user traffic) causing other anti-spam gateway blocking your user email messages. Three deployment model provides the maximum versatility, while minimizing the infrastructure changes or interrupt service: transparent mode without changing existing mail server seamless access to existing network; The gateway pattern should be handed to the existing information gateway as an agent the MTA, or provide the function of the information server to remote areas. FortiMail provide identity based encryption, in addition to S/MIME and TLS encrypted E-mail encryption options for security content delivery to perform encryption based on strategy. In addition, FortiMail custom and predefined dictionary, to prevent accidental or deliberate confidential and regulatory data loss.

FortiWeb is a web applications, database protection, load balancing and speed up the exchange of information between a web application firewall. For large enterprises, service providers, or providers of cloud services, provides the application of protection, FortiWeb equipment will greatly shorten the deployment time, and simplify the security management. FortiWebTM by ICSA certified web application firewall. Recently tested for ICSA firewall model is FortiWeb - 1000 - c, ISCA laboratory Web application firewall authentication, indicate the FortiWeb has the industry's highest safety standards, and deployment of Web application security industry users demand the best advantage.