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IP phone system

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                                                IP telephony solutions

The main purpose of the construction of enterprise IP phone system is in order to meet the demand of enterprise internal communication, cut down the cost of communication, reduce operating costs. For now the enterprise daily telephone communication between each branch very much, plus other partners at home and abroad domestic and international long-distance telephone traffic is very big also, each month to pay a considerable number of calls, zhejiang university network new Yi Cheng company launched such companies need to find a cheaper prices, services more circumspect, and easy to use Yi Cheng enterprise private network of IP phone system solution, in order to reduce enterprise operating costs.


Suitable for large enterprise groups or users of the industry

Concise way of dial-up, without fixed telephone network

The network dial does not produce cost

System features:

Telephone network and data network sharing, sharing rich data network bandwidth. In data communication transmission voice at the same time, improve the efficiency of network.

This system adopts multi-layer star topology structure, system of unified management.

Speech compression: USES the high quality speech compression technology, digital voice compression to about 8 KBPS, can be also used mute detection and fill-in voice technology, dynamic allocation of bandwidth, improve the utilization rate of bandwidth.

Support the SNMP network management protocol.

Used by exactly the same with the ordinary phone call way, in everyone's habits, do not need to be as troublesome as general IP phone dial authentication process, dialing habit of not changing the original client, greatly convenient for the user's use.

Expansion of convenient, safety: the system is equivalent to the original network on the basis of adding a value-added services business, so don't need any restructuring of the original network architecture, that can be in any broadband data network can reach can be conveniently and safely acquire terminal access equipment, expansion is extremely convenient.

Perfect customer service system, to guarantee the customer enjoy the service of 24 x7.