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                        Computer room solution

               1. Room decorate                                        2. The electrical system    

               3. The air conditioning system                     4. The entrance guard system  

               5. Monitor and control system                      6. Fire protection system

1 the general provisions

Computer room, indoor decoration construction acceptance mainly including ceiling, partition wall, door, window, wall decoration, floor, floor construction of acceptance and other indoor job.

Indoor decoration homework should comply with the decoration engineering construction and acceptance standard, construction and acceptance of the ground and floor engineering, construction and acceptance of the wooden engineering and construction and acceptance of the steel structure engineering of the relevant provisions. Should guarantee the scene when construction, material and equipment clean. Take cover engineering (such as floor, ceiling, wall, mezzanine) must first before sealing dust removal, cleaning, the dark surface should be able to afford to maintain long-term dust, peeling and cracking. Room all pipeline wall of cutting must be dustproof, then the gap must be fill with sealing material. In pasting, bonding veneers and other Shanghai juji construction, the environmental conditions should comply with the provisions of the material specifications. Decorate material should choose avirulent, without excitant material as far as possible, as far as possible choose flame retardant, flame retardant material, fire retardant coating should be coated as soon as possible otherwise.

2: condole top

Computer room condole top plate surface should be smooth, and may not be up dust, discoloration and corrosion; The edge should be neat, no warping, sealing side may not come unglued after processing; Fill roof heat preservation, sound insulation materials should level off, drying, and sewing. According to the design and installation position strictly pay-off. Condole top,. Should be strong and straight and have reliable rust Shanghai juji. After cleaning, metal fittings, riveting firmware should be painted anticorrosive paint twice. Ceiling lamps, all kinds of tuyere, on the base of fire detector and fire-fighting nozzle position should be established, such as uniform, work closely with the keel and ceiling installation. On the surface should be rational layout, beautiful, not messy, ceiling air conditioning as a static pressure box, its surface should be done according to design requirements, dustproof, peeling and cracking. Stationary condole roof should be perpendicular to the keel installation. Double seam roof shall not fall on the same root keel. Condole top plate with self tapping screws, shall not damage the plate. When design did not make specific provision shall conform to the requirements of the five categories. Screw spacing: along the plate spacing around 150-200 - mm, middle span is 200-3000 - mm, uniform layout. Screw 10-15 mm from the edge, nailhole, seams and Yin and Yang Angle must be according to the material with the corresponding material embedded flat roof, polished. Thermal insulation for the maintenance of condole top cover plate application and heat preservation condole top of the same material production. A removable roof installation must be strong, the surface smooth, straight seam, relying on a wall, column according to the actual size and cutting plate with filling. According to the sealing side of roof material accordingly. Wipe the surface of roof, at any time during the installation and timely clear excess stock within the roof and sundry, do not tailings, leave stains.

3 partition wall

Frameless glass partition, channel steel, full steel structure framework should be adopted. Wall thickness of the glass is not less than 10 mm, the thickness of the glass door is not less than 12 mm. After a flat surface of the stainless steel thickness should guarantee the calendaring as mirror, not rough visual effect. Gypsum board, sound-absorbing board partition wall along the ground, along the top and along the wall keel building palisade structure between the inner surface should be fixed after liner elastic sealing material. When design without explicitly fixed point spacing should not be greater than 800 mm. Vertical keel accurate positioning and correction after vertical and along the ground, along the top of the keel fixed reliable, have fire resistance requirements of the length of the partition wall vertical keel should be 30 mm, shorter than actual height of the partition wall, 15 mm respectively formed on expansion joint, which filled with flame retardant elastic material. All steel fire big glass partition, brush fire retardant paint, steel pipe frame glass thickness not less than 12 mm, no bubble. Installation partition wall plate, plate edge sealing and building metope clearance application materials and reliable sealing. When the design without the specific provision, panels should meet with self-tapping screws: screw spacing around along the plate spacing is not more than 200 mm, central plate spacing is not more than 300 mm, all decorated, with 2 other requirements. Fire resistance requirements of partition wall should be equality with vertical keel laid, not with along the ground, along the roof keel fixed. Partition wall sides wallboard joint may not be on the same root keel, each side double wallboard joint may not be on the same root keel. Installed in the partition wall of equipment and electrical device fixed on the keel. Panels shall not force. Partition wall should be installed Windows and doors, door frames, window frames should be fixed on the keel, and to seal the gap according to the requirements of design.

4 aluminum alloy doors and Windows and partition

Aluminium alloy door, window, partition wall should comply with the design requirements of specifications and installation should be firm, smooth, its clearance seal with non corrosive materials. When design without specified partition wall along the wall pillar fixed point spacing should not be greater than 800 mm. Door leaf, casement should level off, tight joints, installation is firm, open and close freely, push-pull flexible. Construction process of aluminum alloy doors and Windows and partition wall decorative surface protection measures should be taken. To install the glass slot should be clean, slit should fill the pad soft materials. Between the glass and buckle tamponade elastic sealing material, according to design requirements should be strong.

5 floor

Computer room with floor should comply with the national standard of GB6650-86 "the computer room with floor technical conditions".

Ideal height of the floor in 18 to 24 inches (46-61 cm).

All kinds of floor laid should be in the telecom room decorate construction and fixed facilities installation is complete and the ground after cleaning.

Construction should comply with the design requirements, and shall be clean, dry, the floor space as a static pressure box, the walls and the ground for dustproof, peeling and cracking.

The floor of the field cutting, peripheral should be smooth, no burr, and make corresponding processing according to the requirements of the original technology.

Before laying floor, should strictly according to the elevation and floor layout pay-off will tend to support the design components to adjust height, smooth and firm.

Activities in the process of floor laid should adjust the level. Encounter problems or irregular surface, should be set according to the actual size and additional supporting parts.

Handling, installation of equipment on floor to floor surface to take protective measures. After completion of laying, anti-static grounding.