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                           Entrance guard system of check on work attendance

Access control attendance system, automatic control system for inward and outward, it has to personnel in and out, authorization, query, statistic and anti-theft alarm security, such as a variety of functions, but also as a personnel management, attendance management, can be in any electrical and mechanical equipment products and linkage control system, convenient insiders or users free access to, and put an end to enter and foreign personnel, improve the ability of security.

According to join methods of access control attendance systems can be divided into many networking entrance guard system and two kinds of single single entrance guard system; According to the data read mode can be divided into induction, cryptic phone, induction + cryptic phone; Brush card, credit card + induction, charge + cryptic phone; Fingerprints, fingerprint + password (both online and off machine) and so on a variety of ways

1 real-time attendance query: in any case, no attendance set, can real-time query each employee's card records (including credit card number to pay by credit card, credit card time, nature, window) and not employees, also can be carried out according to the conditions query part or all of the staff card records (such as: input work number, date and time), you can query the employee the time clock in detail.

2 basic attendance treatment: according to the definition of prior attendance can set for a variety of attendance data processing, automatic judgment to be late, leave early, absence of people and effective clock time clock in detail. Such as: can separate the query to be late, leave early, absences and effective clock time clock in detail, the abnormal clock in data, and so on, in these queries can be according to the query conditions; Late arrival in the query function can also be input the corresponding number of minutes, so that the query time is greater than the number of personnel.

Three kinds of attendance statistics: real-time statistics employees commuting, overtime, late, leave early, leave, absenteeism and relevant attendance information (which record the number of employees is abnormal attendance and the number of minutes) to form a comprehensive summary report, also can according to the conditions (date, job number, department, etc.) for statistical work.

4 automatic deductions statistics: according to attendance and attendance set, automatic statistics all employees attendance should be within the scope of a certain time deductions, convenient for salary calculation.

Five automatic overtime statistics: according to the employee and enterprise to arrange overtime work overtime clock time, automatic statistics staff overtime and arrange overtime work overtime time, the flexibility to adapt to overtime statistics of various kinds of enterprises.

Exception handling matters: 6 persons on delay clock on business card processing, can be to leave employees can be processing, changes to the time of a staff, a shift working hours can be adjust processing, at the end of statistics into automatically calculate leave days. Applicable to offices in the country, corporation branch around through the Internet to access control for centralized management, employee on a business trip to any one place can be in attendance. You don't have this model, branch management, must be centrally managed by the corporation. Can also be used in industries such as telecoms unattended station management.

7 the divisions of the flexible Settings: according to the actual circumstance of enterprise flexible set the number of divisions, each shift standard working hours, work shift, shift and other Settings.

8 flexible punch restrictions: flexible setup effective clock of time going to and from work each shift, eliminate employees clock in at random, make the management more convenient and reasonable, staff organized and disciplined.

9 flexible attendance set: can be set up according to the actual circumstance of enterprise internal any assessment on the number of fields (such as: late, serious late, leave early, leave early, absenteeism, etc.), the corresponding field of the time scope and object; And for each field, each shift (management, workers) with different amount of punishment.

Automatic judgment commuter CARDS: 10 system according to the set is automatically judge employees clock in data card to work or work card, without human intervention