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Security monitoring

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                                       Security monitoring system

Monitoring system of safety guard system (CCTV) is an important part of, has now become the city, building, factory and community areas such as the main means of security. Therefore, the design of the monitoring system and monitoring is directly related to the quality of construction engineering safety level of coverage, how to choose reasonable product, scientific monitoring scheme of design and construction installation of high quality engineering is particularly important.

Beijing bo HuiWeiYe technology co., LTD. Is specialized in security engineering services, for a deeper understanding of the monitoring system and a lot of experience, bo hui for many large enterprises of science and technology, community and government project design and installation of a complete set of monitoring system, its outstanding design ability, high quality construction, installation and perfect after-sales service, won a high evaluation for the company and many long-term customers.

Monitoring and control system design

Monitoring and control system design is the first and most important for the implementation of the monitoring system of the link, the monitoring scheme design quality directly determines the level of monitoring and control system of a complete set of quality. Not professional, scientific plan light cause cost increase, the effect of late can not meet the requirements and the difficulty of the maintenance and expansion, or left loopholes in security system, leave an opportunity for criminals, brings to the personal and property safety hidden trouble.

Bo hui science and technology as a professional supplier of monitoring solutions, for various industries such as logistics, manufacturing, finance, defense, government agencies, etc., all kinds of environment such as storage warehouses, office buildings, plant area, residential area to provide a solution, can provide you with the most scientific, the most perfect solution.

Monitor project construction

Monitoring system and the effect of life to a large extent depends on the construction quality of monitoring project, fuzzy picture, frequent false positives, a lot of interference and from time to time fault will make any headache, head of security. To avoid this situation, it has to choose experienced construction team and service providers.

Bo hui science and technology in various industries to provide monitoring and control system in the process of construction service, accumulated lots of experience, the common problems in monitoring and control system have a profound understanding of and response to, booz technology with an experienced construction team is the guarantee of engineering quality.

Monitor and control system maintenance

Monitoring and control system in applications must continue to maintain the ability to make the whole system has been normal operation. Definition of the surveillance cameras, line maintenance, and interference, hard disk video recorder video mode and save the cycle will affect monitoring effect, etc.

Bo hui technology engineer experience, can be to any sudden fault judgment and ruled out. I have a complete set of after-sales and maintenance solutions, let you need not worry can have an efficient monitoring and control system.