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                            Polycom hd video conferencing system

Background introduction:

As a typical business of multimedia conversational communications, meeting TV business has set up a file in the social information exchanges played a huge role in communication. Meeting TV through the communication network of two or more locations of the multimedia conferencing terminals connected, in the meantime transmit various images, voice and data signals, make people feel on hand to attend the meeting. Except for multipoint multimedia conferences, conference television system and application of the remote education, remote medical treatment and so on need to transmit real-time audio, video and data business.

Meeting TV directly, can provide users with comprehensive communication, and can save time, reduce costs, increase productivity, so the huge market demand promote the development of the conference television technology. Many scientific research institutions and manufacturers at home and abroad multimedia multipoint conference system of communication research, and introduced their respective conference television system. Conference television system in the research, on the basis of the international telecommunication union (ITU) formed a multimedia communication system international standard of h. 320 and h. 323 series standard, make different vendors multimedia communication products can exchange, promoted the process of the standardization of multimedia communication technology.

With the deepening of reform and opening up in China, to accelerate the speed of information exchange, guarantee information flow, all enterprises and institutions are in the preparation of construction based on broadband communication data network. Based on the use of advanced technology communication and transport, to form a unified broadband information transmission channel, forming a comprehensive conference television network video, voice and data, improve the efficiency of the utilization of network resources and office, reduce business costs, improve communication.

Second, the technical analysis

The bandwidth requirements of the network

 video meeting demand for network bandwidth for: + IP video bandwidth in baotou, signaling overhead;

 common calculation method for: call bandwidth by 1.25 the biggest demand for network bandwidth.

 end-to-end delay: video conference general delay for less than 150 ms.

 delay jitter: as the audio/video transmission for real-time interaction, so the network delay jitter is more critical, the scope of our Suggestions for general time delay is less than 50 ms.

 packet loss rate: the link layer on the network packet loss rate should not be higher than 1%.

 hd video conference is on the application of the network real-time demand is higher. This requires as its foundation hosted network has a higher bandwidth and the network have higher ability to control the business flow. General sense: 720 p hd video conferencing system better image quality call bandwidth 1 m to 2 m.

If it is 2 Mbps dedicated link, considering the network virtuous workload should not exceed 85%, the actual bandwidth available to 1.7 Mbps, if speak three quarters (75%) of the effective bandwidth for video conference, the video bandwidth allocated bandwidth to call at around 1.25 Mbps, so video call bandwidth can is 1 m, can guarantee the quality of the coherent image.

If it is 4 Mbps dedicated link, considering the network virtuous workload should not exceed 85%, the actual bandwidth available to 3.4 Mbps, if speak three quarters (75%) of the effective bandwidth for video conference, the video bandwidth allocated bandwidth to call at around 2.55 Mbps, so video call for 2 m bandwidth, can guarantee a better image quality.

Third, networking

Networking: center allocation RMX MCU tech-oriented meeting scheduling, configure a HDX8000 video terminal. Several Taiwan branch node configuration HDX7000 video terminals, configure a set of video conference management system, is used to manage information resources such as video meeting.

Fourth, product introduction

MCU center node:

POLYCOM RMX 1000 in video conference control center in a very important position. Independent of the control center node, achieve branch node access, and provide the venue mixing, audio and video, and data forwarding, and even all kinds of audio encoding conversion function and all kinds of meeting. At the same time, it also provides the whole video conference system management and certification. In addition, it is a center of data conference tandem. General Settings control center in tandem network emphasis, for example: information centre, network centre, etc. To facilitate the location of the connection, there is enough bandwidth. According to the requirements for the system of video conference control center as above configuration.

1000 a POLYCOM RMX, configure a number of concurrent users video port capacity, port video rate scope of support of 64 KBPS to 4 m; Support for redundant power supplies, support HD 720 p, 1080 p HD multipoint video conference, support high-definition, standard definition, mixing speed mixing agreement to support high-definition screens larger meeting, HD h. 239 shuangliu, FECC camera remote control, high-definition multicast, and other functions. Adaptive RMX 1000 by 10/100/1000 m Ethernet interface, USES RJ45 cable, connect to the core switch.

Multipoint conference platform of advanced and easy to use

RMX 1000 real-time media conference platform for enterprises and operators to provide a simple and easy to manage a multipoint video and integration (video, audio, the content of the meeting service.

Video technology pioneer

RMX 1000 the first integrated more than the industry's leading the latest technology, range from the video and audio to the network and communication techniques, and perfectly seamless integration of the various technology, fully embodies the POLYCOM acme Gao Qingli read.

Simple and easy to use way of the meeting

Simple configuration, easy to use, powerful association, such as a tool. RMX 1000 real-time media conference platform provides the end user with intuitive, high quality meeting, provides system administrators with incomparable flexibility and system management ability. Its clear and consistent user and admin interface, to avoid the cumbersome in the application of communication technology barrier °, improve the efficiency of the application of the meeting.

The user experience

RMX 1000 conference platform combines the advanced engineering and design principles, to provide powerful meeting, conference and flexible management style and simple and convenient application. Support a variety of different video resolution, high quality audio and professional service QoS guarantee, to ensure that the meeting is perfect, for users to bring high quality communication, association such as comprehensive and rapid decision-making, so that in the development of the Internet today can seize the opportunity to meet the challenge. RMX 1000 real-time media conference platform is Polycom 15 years in product development via such inspection and industry-leading and association such as the application of crystallization of the meeting. Is the core of the Polycom association such as comprehensive solutions, to provide users with a seamless beyond geographical boundaries and natural way to communicate.

Prominent feature

 integration system platform, high reliability, high stability, easy to use.

 cross-platform extension, at the same time support the SIP and h. 323 protocol, implement double seamless interconnection agreement.

 ultra-high-speed connections -- fast data transmission, low latency.

 remote management system, professional centralized control platform, easy to realize the remote management.

 innovative smart CP model, can be flexible in split screen meeting meet the demand of various complex, high-definition, standard definition, pure voice client freely.

 excellent audio experience - 22 KHZ broadband technology support, support stereo.

 LPR (Lost Packet Recovery) - support the latest POLYCOM LPR patent technology, the transmission loss is very good, is now the most powerful professional organization evaluation of Packet loss Recovery processing technology.

High-definition video conferencing terminals:

 equipped with 1 set of high-grade HDX 8000 hd video conference terminal equipment: has the high-end high-performance host, 1 original factory standard Gao Qingying eye camera, 1 omnidirectional microphone, 1 according to the functional division with color button remote control;

:  input devices can be connected to the PC according to the actual situation, realize the PC desktop and send voice; In addition, through the external audio and video matrix can more access to the audio and video source.

 display device: can connect a HD 720 p LCD or plasma TV, video image at the same time according to the remote and the end, or display the remote video images, and the content of PC.

HDX 8000 video terminal by 10/100 m adaptive Ethernet interface, USES RJ45 cable, connect to the core switch.

Fifth, brand advantage

In today's dominated by the Internet world, the deployment of real-time communication and collaboration ability has become the key to winning. As the industry in voice, video, data and Web solutions leader, Polycom award-winning meeting the overall solution, so that people everywhere, the network, what kind of environment can be simple and efficient to the implementation of the interactive real-time communication. This is why more and more enterprises adopt Polycom conference solution, maximize people to work together.

Prominent feature

 compact structure - the standard height of 1 u rack type compact codec.

 good video - support for h. 264 video codec standard, has good video quality, bring you the most real video experience.

 rich interface - with sd and hd output interface, support hd display device, the user can choose according to need to 16:9 or 4:3 display device.

 incomparable audio - Polycom ® SirenTM14 / g. 722.1 C broadband audio, provide clear, natural crystalline voice.

 a variety of content sharing - it USES the standard h. 239 technology, supports up to 5 video input at the same time, can send any video combination.

 flexible - support Chinese and English subtitles function real-time display and real-time release conference information.