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Wireless network

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Beijing bo HuiWeiYe technology co., LTD is a professional network system integration company. Company is the pioneer of the domestic wireless network, over the years has accumulated rich and valuable experience in engineering practice, from indoor to outdoor system, from the urban area, mountainous area, oil field to the offshore islands, Chinese and foreign customers throughout the country in various provinces and cities size enterprises, electric power, military, public security, oilfield and telecommunications.

Our business policy is the use of advanced technology and products, under the condition of different customers to form the most market value of application and popularization of wireless data communication system solutions, for different industries, different applications, different investment scale of users to provide services.

Our technical service: we set up special engineering technical services, with its rich wireless project implementation experience, for the business management of wireless network and communication products, wireless mobile terminal equipment engineering installation plan to provide technical consulting, and engineering construction, system maintenance and engineering technical training, etc., in order to ensure the user's system reliability and stability.

Main products wireless:


FortiAP-14C/28C        FortiAntenna-612R/612N     FortiAntenna-500N
FortiAP-320B          FortiAP-223B            FortiAP 222B
FortiAP-221B          FortiAP 220B            FortiAP 210B
FortiAP GPI-115
FortiGate/FortiWiFi     90-60 Series FortiGate/FortiWiFi     30 Series FortiWiFi-60D
FortiWiFi-80CM/81CM     FortiWiFi-60C/CM FortiWiFi-50B
FortiWifi-40C         FortiWifi-20C