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Network security

With the rapid development of information technology and network, the boundary of the national security has surpass the limit of geographical space, expanding to the information network, network security has become an important problem is a matter of national security. The current strategic focus on the world's major countries into cyberspace deployment stage, international Internet governance reform opportunity, at the same time expanding scope and contents of the network security threats and evolution, network security and challenge the growing complicated situation.

One, the current network security situation and challenges

1, the countries all over the world to accelerate the network security strategic deployment to the ground and network space of competition and cooperation between countries become increasingly highlighted

In recent years, under the action of the demonstration effect, in the United States has more than 50 countries and promulgated the national security strategy. Currently countries have entered the core content of concentrated deployment stage: the U.S. fiscal 2014 defence budget priorities and choose the BGF forces 133 network plan; Canada "comprehensive digital national plan" put forward, including strengthening the network security defense, 39 new measures; In Japan the basic network security act planning to set up as a whole network security network security strategy headquarters. At the same time, around the cyberspace also intensified international competition and cooperation. The European commission in February 2014 communique emphasized the government function of network space governance; Xi jinping in Brazil meeting information sovereignty for the first time, clear inviolability of "information sovereignty" of Internet information security. , beauty, and the second end of network security integrated dialogue, the two countries will further strengthen the cooperation in the field of network defense; China, Japan and South Korea set up a network security affairs consultation mechanism and held its first meeting, discuss jointly combat network crime and terrorism, the establishment of cooperation between the emergency response on the Internet.

2, usher in a new field of international Internet governance boom, ICANN globalization become reform priorities

"Prism door" incident, countries around the world to profoundly understand Internet governance rights about the national cyber security and interests, the international community to bring about a new round of Internet governance. Brazil Internet conference issued a "network world more stakeholders statement, put forward the future of Internet governance principles of" global "and" road map ". ICANN, IETF, the W3C international Internet governance main institutions jointly signed the "given to d to the statement," the equality of all the stakeholders involved in as the future development direction of Internet governance. The European commission titled "European role in shape the future of Internet governance" report called for a more transparent and responsible, more inclusive Internet governance mode. At present, in a variety of management platform and the international situation, ICANN globalization have become important issues. Because the foundation of network resources management division and technical standards formulated decided the notion of Internet governance and control of ICANN's institutional reform and internationalization management will become an important point of Internet governance pattern "restore".

3, the network security threats emerge in endlessly, network infrastructure concerns

At present, the Trojan botnets, fishing sites, of traditional network security threats to grow, a distributed denial of service (DDOS attack), advanced persistent threat (APT) and other new network attacks intensified. IDC report shows that 2013 APT defense manufacturers Fireeye found activity and identify independent APT a total of more than 300 times. The global number of malicious code sample is available per day, 3 million, the cloud malicious code sample has grown from 400000 in 2005 to the present 6 billion species. Following the "shock web" and "prism" after the incident, the network infrastructure and high risk vulnerabilities in global, heart bleed holes threat China about 33000 web server, Bash vulnerabilities influence spread around the world about 500 million servers and other network equipment, infrastructure and financial communications network, industrial control and other important information system security faces severe challenges.

4, intelligent household, industrial control systems and emerging technology industries such as car networking face serious network security threats

With the continuous popularity of the Internet, the Internet all the network attack is gradually to permeate all kinds of network terminal. Represented by smart home networking equipment gradually become network attack; Specifically for industrial control system of the "shock web" (it) virus infected more than 45000 global network; Use of loopholes in the application to intelligent remote control car. Network security hidden danger in the important link of emerging technology industry, but the extremely scarce and corresponding security products related to defense technology research and development is still in its infancy. Driven by strong growth in the emerging technology industry, the influence of network security problems unfold, deepening the degree of threat.

5, the top comprehensively strengthen as a whole, the our country new as network security work based on the new starting point

In 2014, our country established the network security and information leading group, to coordinate, involved in all areas of network security and information on major issues. The restructuring of the state Internet information office of the state council, authorize its responsible for the nationwide administration of Internet information content, and is responsible for the supervision and administration of law enforcement. Ministry issued the telecommunication and Internet industry network security work on strengthening the guidance of ", has been clear about the increasing infrastructure protection, strengthening the protection of data and so on eight key work, focus on improving the network security system. China's national network and information security at the top, the strengthened leadership management system gradually perfect, the increasingly efficient operation, the work target more elaboration.

Second, the network security trend and prospect in our country

In recent years, China's booming Internet, network scale, network application level enhances unceasingly, become a big power to promote economic development and social progress. At the same time, in the process of the network and business development also appeared many new situations and new problems and new challenges, especially the current legislation of systemic network is not strong, timeliness and legislative specification is not high enough, the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, data, and new technology and new applications such as user information such as the network security problem increasingly prominent. In the future, China will continue to strengthen the network security management, in accordance with the scientific management, pay more attention to new technology and new application security, promote ecological environment optimization, mobile Internet application accelerate building network security guarantee system, promote network security related technologies and industry rapid development. The kingdom is not, the net can't interest, in accordance with the network will become the new normal. The fourth plenary session of the party 18 large and 18 explicitly put forward to strengthen the major policies of the network and the legal system, network and the legal system will usher in a foreseeable trot forward boom. The current network security law has into the National People's Congress legislation plan, national cyber security strategy, critical infrastructure protection act, network security review system and a series of strategic steps of establishment of rule of law, system will be fully sped up. The second is new technology such as Internet, SDN assets security and data protection, personal information protection will become a new focus. Future for new technology industry will further strengthen the network security problem tracking research, the Internet of things, SDN, industrial automation and other new technology security become the focus, with new technology and new business development emerged data across borders, such as user information security issues will be further attention. Three is the mobile web application security will present new pattern. At present, many departments issued policy documents and jointly special operation, promote the mobile Internet application tamper-proof and traceable security such as the ability to ascend. Through the mobile Internet application store, intelligent terminal manufacturers, CA certification bodies, the parties to the joint efforts of the enterprise network security industry chain, mobile Internet application ecological will gradually build the safety of the whole industrial chain. Four is active, comprehensive protection of network security system to speed up the building, network space situational awareness will be further ascension. China will gradually clear network space is a new generation of design thinking, which is based on network confrontational defense technology research and development, build a "collaborative early warning, emergency, strengthening the disaster" entire network dynamic perception system, gradually realize the network security protection from static, based on the protection of the threat to dynamically, based on risk protection. Five is a network security industry for gold high-speed development period. In recent years, with the accelerating pace of security industry in China, the compound annual growth rate in 2017 is expected to reach 17.4%. Growth in the first security services compound annual growth rate will reach 23.6%, much higher than the international average level; Among them, the cloud security service become a new growth point. At present, our country constantly to support policy, provide a good environment for security industry development, in the next period of time, security industry will continue strong growth.